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How to use buttons and scripts from this forum (3)
Find Duplicates - Different Names - Same Size - No MD5 hashing (11)
Quick web searches ( 2 3 ) (41)
FileBot DO Button - Rename Movies & TV shows with one click (11)
Named Filter Menu (1)
Video length, dimensions, framerate, definition columns (9)
Fast Search With Everything Version 2 (16)
Quickly find shell property names (1)
Using Hidden Video Indexes (4)
Commands for Tag Management (1)
Month (Modified) Column (2)
Comic Book CBx-To-CBx Convert & Resize v1.40 (8)
Trigger command in specific layouts (6)
Lookup Ham Radio Call Sign (1)
Duplicate current lister (1)
Find (by filter) (1)
Recreate Empty Directory Structure (12)
'Fetch' command: Find and copy related files (1)
Sort Folder Tabs (on-demand, or when listers open) (2)
Drive test button (1)
About the Buttons/Scripts category (3)
Dropbox client Update control button (5)
Cycle Dimensions & Duration Columns (depending on files in tab) (2)
Script to close curent and open new specified lister (6)
Lan-Connection on/off (3)
Custom Context Menu commands: YOUR favorites? (16)
Force Windows Search to Re-Index a Folder (1)
Steam client Update control (1)
A script add-in to configure the attribute column (1)
Paste empty file list (9)