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Icons Share icons for use on toolbars, etc. Screenshots Share screenshots of your custom Opus setups. Script Buttons & Add-Ins Share script buttons and script add-ins to extend and modify Opus. Old Plugins Old Plugins which don't work with 64-bit Opus or Windows 10, etc. Tools Share tools which are especially useful in combination with Opus. Backdrops Share background images for listers and toolbars. Themes Share theme packs to change the look of Opus. Tutorials Share tutorials on using and configuring Opus.
About the Downloads category [Downloads] (1)
S-DOX II Icon Set - Discreet Edition (over 500 icons) [Icons] (14)
See how Quick Access Popup enhance your user experience with DOpus [Tools] (7)
Directory Opus and Quick Access Popup / Folders Popup working hand in hand ( 2 ) [Tools] (28)
Simple Windows 10 Dark Theme [Themes] (14)
Dark Green Theme [Themes] (3)
KingOfDaClick's Pack 2018 - (.ocb file only) ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) [Themes] (117)
MyBlack - A simple, very black theme (for DOpus 12.9.4+) [Themes] (2)
DOpus 12.10 Amiga-style Opus4 (dark-ish) [Themes] (9)
DirOpus Dark 2018 [Screenshots] (3)
Plain / Default Theme [Themes] (1)
Alphabet Glass Icons [Icons] (1)
Dark Blue Theme [Themes] (3)
Visual Studio 2017 theme (Update 2) [Themes] (12)
Command: ConvertEx (DNG converter, Encodings etc..) [Script Buttons & Add-Ins] (2)
Shell Extension for MOBI, PRC, AZW [Tools] (4)
Office 2003 Blue [Themes] (4)
Slate Blue Honeycomb [Screenshots] (3)
Use DynamicWrapperX Call Windows API in script [Tools] (1)
Opus 12 AEbackdrop Images (Flat) v1.0 [Backdrops] (1)
Directory Opus BASIC Icons v2.0 Delta Drop-In Replacement [Icons] (4)
Cyan - only color and font [Themes] (2)
Directory Opus 12 Flat AEicon Set v1.0 [Icons] (1)
Black Epitome [Screenshots] (2)
Directory Opus 8 AEicon Set v1.0 (for Opus 9) [Icons] (1)
Simple Dark Theme [Themes] (17)
VS Dark Theme ( 2 ) [Themes] (35)
Internal, Small Icons for Context Menus [Icons] (6)
DOpus12 Simple Command [Themes] (2)
Really Dark Opus [Screenshots] (1)