1 button Toggle between 2 Toolbars to show - hide alternate the toolbars

I got a command working to toggle a 2nd toolbar on/off when moving the lister to a larger monitor (higher res), but I'd really like to have one button to toggle between the 2 toolbars.

my command: Toolbar "Office-1-LARGE" TOGGLE

What would I add to toggle between "Office-1-small" and "Office-1-LARGE"
with just the 1 button?

Thanks as always for the help.

Maybe try this?

@hideif:!Toolbar "Office-1-LARGE" TOGGLE
Toolbar "Office-1-small" TOGGLE
Toolbar "Office-1-LARGE" TOGGLE

@Chuck - that was fun - it toggled both off :smile:

I should clarify my use-case b/c maybe I'm looking for another way to do
what I actually need done -

The only difference between the 2 toolbars is that the icons are spaced
further apart on the LARGE toolbar - - b/c I use 2 panes w/ a vertical & narrow
drive bar in the middle - and I have a mouse gesture that changes the size of each pane
depending on how much I need to see, then a gesture that toggles back to "centered".

This will toggle between the two toolbars:

@if:Toolbar TOGGLE NAME=Office-1-small
Toolbar NAME=Office-1-LARGE
Toolbar NAME=Office-1-small CLOSE
Toolbar NAME=Office-1-LARGE CLOSE
Toolbar NAME=Office-1-small

Alternatively, if neither toolbar is on by default, and you only want them turned on for the current window (or if they are only turned on for the current window in the first place):

@if:Toolbar TOGGLE LOCAL NAME=Office-1-small
Toolbar LOCAL NAME=Office-1-LARGE
Toolbar LOCAL NAME=Office-1-small CLOSE
Toolbar LOCAL NAME=Office-1-small

@Leo Thank you -

Interestingly, neither of those quite worked -
they would both stay on - though they did cause the other one to come on.

After playing with it for awhile, I reasoned that I needed a button on each toolbar
but each one coded with polar opposite instructions - and so the following works:

On the small toolbar:

Toolbar "Office-1-LARGE" TOGGLE
Toolbar "Office-1-small" CLOSE

and on the LARGE toolbar:

Toolbar "Office-1-small" TOGGLE
Toolbar "Office-1-LARGE" CLOSE

I've used similar commands to mine on toolbars and they should work regardless of which toolbar they're on (doesn't have to be either of the two being toggled, but can be).

But the method you've found is good if the toggle is on the two toolbars being toggled. Stick with that if it's working!