10.5.3 unstable?

I upgraded to 10.5.3 recently but I feel this version is not stable enough than 10.5.2. The OPUS listener restarted quite often. Is there anyone have the same problem as I encountered?

Only report so far, and is really just the beta with the version number bumped after it proved stable, so it's been in use for about a month without similar problem reports.

It's probably a coincidence and something else that's also changed on your system is behind the crashes, and if you go back to the previous version they'll still be there. (It's also possible your Opus config is set up in a way that few other people's are, but unlikely, especially from past experience of new versions appearing to be unstable but turning out to be unrelated in the end.)

If you tell us more about when you see the crashes we can suggest what to look for.

OK. I will try to rollback to to see if the problem is still there.

Is there any link can be provided for me to download the x64 installer?

I've put it here: leo.dopus.com/temp/DOpusInstall-