10.5 >> best release EVER

Thanks guys, the native MTP works flawlessly!! If you recall, I was complaining about this last year. SO HAPPY this works properly!!

Also, thanks for the 'scroll wheel' zoom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks from me too! New update is great!

Thanks Stan. I can't vouch for your taste in music but your taste in file managers seems spot on :slight_smile:

10.5 is indeed superlative; much kudos to the tireless devs.

scroll wheel rocks!

but not as much as folder tree highlight!! :slight_smile:

Hello! :thumbsup:

The new 10.5.1 is really great as well. Gonna try all that new stuff in the weekend.

Cool title animation in the new video (youtu.be/DfQHcLvbMPg) also!

Thanks guys!