10.5; Metadata; editing dates

Installed 10.5 (4779) today. First task, to correct the dates in several folders of JPG pictures, one folder at a time. First six folders perfect. Then in two folders the same error - one file renamed from dsc31619.jpg to dsc31619.jpg5696 (a different root name in the other folder). The original file name still exists but is zero size. The new file contains the picture and displays correctly on clicking the name. There are 58 files in folder and I am changing only the year in fields Date digitized and Date taken. I should emphasize that in both folders showing this problem the addition to the file extension was the same, 5696.

Now returned to Opus window and it immediately ran the Metadata procedure again (without any click from me). It has produced another misnamed file but also a report - 'An error occurred setting metadata 'dsc31627.jpg'. Access denied (05).'. The misnamed file is the immediately preceding file dsc31626. Both these files had already been updated previously. No other Opus activity took place between these two incidents.

Running XP 32bit. Most files have the Read only bit set but Opus doesn't seem to mind that for a metadata update.
Immediate solution: delete the original file and rename the new, but there does appear to be a problem somewhere.
Tim Boddington UK

If you repeat the action on the file, is it reproducible? We'll need to be able to reproduce it somehow in order to work out what's going wrong.

It's also possible that something is scanning files as they are written to that directory (e.g. a photo management tool or photo uploading tool), and is causing the files to be locked and unmovable when Opus is trying to replace the old files with the new versions.

Many thanks for your response. Unfortunately I have not been able to reproduce the problem. I've run several tests on the same folders and others without any problem.

There was no picture management program in the PC at the time of any of the runs. The only background activity was Avast! anti virus and a check reveals that it is not activated by Opus for this operation. The only significant change is that the PC has been re-booted since the original problem, the first time for more than a week.

This is one for the 'Odd things that happen' file.
Thanks for an excellent product - I wouldn't be without it.
Tim Boddington UK