(10.5) MTP as Drive in Toolbar or Any Other Menu?

Hi there Leo,

I've updated to the 10.5 MTP update and it's great! It feels like a native file system, instead of the MTP "custom" version of Windows Explorer!

One thing though, would be possible to make MTP connected devices show on the drive buttons toolbar? Or are they available in any other new menu, like FTP lists, but of MTP devices?

I've tried customizing the toolbar and then searching for "MTP" but I saw you haven't introduced any new element to work with that. As far as I know, one would have to go to the Tree or "mtp://" to view them, but would be possible to have them displayed along the drives button toolbar, as more mounts?


MTP drives appear here, if that helps:

You can also make buttons which go to them, but the buttons will always be visible even when the device isn't connected, which you probably don't want.

I don't think there is currently a way to get a dynamic button for an MTP device or include them in the buttons generated by the Go DRIVEBUTTONS command.

OK then, I'll be accessing them from the menu you captured. Thanks!