10 request features

Hi all,

i have 10 request features

  1. choose the background and/or police color of current folder in the folder tree.
  2. choose icon color of current folder in the folder tree (some specifik freeware do that, but not very compatible with DO)
  3. chosse the background color of folder tree top bar
  4. possibility to have two independant adress bar, one for source, one for destination (that appear only when dual mode are selected)
  5. in the move/copy dialog, have total folder, total files, total size, total files size
  6. when delete/move file/folder locked (used file or lock by system), possibility to skip the file (not stop deleting)
  7. move/copy dialog not a the top (when you move/copy files, the dialog appear, if you click on the liste, dialog stay a the top).
  8. can choose the copy/move file in the dialog box
  9. add close button in the listbar when there are more than one tab, close the curent tab (like new feature of DO 8.2 in dual list)
  10. status bar for recycle bin (total files/folders, total size, total selected)
  11. keep focus file when open and modify file (if you open a file, modify and save, the file are deselected)

what do you think about ?

You can set any icon you like for individual folders and it works in the folder tree as well. Just open up Properties for the folder and change the icon in the Customise tab, the same as you'd do in Explorer.

That only happens when deleting to the recycle bin, which Opus doesn't have much control over. If you shift-click the delete button, or configure Opus not to use the recycle bin by default, then you can skip files that can't be deleted.

If you want the lister to cover the progress dialog just click the pin in the titlebar to make the lister go "on top". (Although, if the lister is pinned before the progress dialog opens the progress dialog will also be "on top".)

That only happens if the program modifying the file deletes the old version and then saves a completely new one. Opus sees the file go away so it's not selected anymore (of course) and then a new file appears which is a brand new file as far as Opus is concerned. I guess Opus could remember recently selected files for a second or so to cope with this but I don't know if it's worth the effort.

I don't want customize icon folder, I would like distinger close and open folder by different icon (for exemple, the same open folder icon but in green). But if the first request (background color) it's accepted...

Ok, so it's a request feature :wink:

Sorry but I did not succeed. I use pin but it's the same thing. I don't want that lister cover the progress dialog directly (when it's open), I want that lister cover the dialog when i click on the lister.

  1. i copy file and dialog appear in top
  2. i click under lister and lister cover the dialog

Ok Ok

Click the pin after the progress dialog appears and the lister will cover the dialog. It's not perfect but it should work (works here at least).

nudel wrote:
Click the pin after the progress dialog appears and the lister will cover the dialog. It's not perfect but it should work (works here at least).[/quote]

I'm really sorry but it don't work... :frowning:
but i must clic pin after the progress appears, i can clic the minimize button, it's the same things. maybe en new option in preference or a pin directly in the progress dialog (that memorize state) are so easy...