10 second delay in directories with 500 files or more?

This is kind of minor but a little annoying. Folders with about 300 to 500 files or more take about 10 seconds to load.
Once loaded and cached they are instant for a while but after a bit the delay occurs again.


DO PRO running on Win XP SP3


Jim Mill

Btw, turning off all viewer plugins and removing all columns has no effect on the problem.

Does it take a similar amount of time in Windows Explorer? (Try with an uncached folder, of course. If Opus or Explorer have just read the folder then it's probably going to be quick to read the same folder in the other program.)

What kind of folders are they? (Local HDD/SDD, network drive, DVD, etc.?)

What type of files are in them? (If applicable. If it happens with folders regardless of filetypes then it may not matter.)

Is it just lots of files that trigger the slowdown, or are there lots of child folders as well? (If if only happens with lots of child folders, there are some other things we can try.)

See if turning on Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show generic icons for: all folders makes a difference. (If it does, the slowdown is probably caused by an icon/overlay shell extension. We can talk about ways to track that down if it turns out to look useful.)

I assume thumbnails we're talking about Details or Power modes, but if it's thumbnails or tiles mode then there are some other factors which may come into play.

Nope, the same type of directories are nearly instant in Win Explorer.
this is a Local HDD c:
all kinds of files have the same affect, most folders I have this # in are *.msg files

of child folders doesn't seem to affect either way. Most of the folders with the issue do not have a lot of child folders.

"Show generic icons" setting makes no difference.


Thanks. That rules out a bunch of things.

If you have the folder tree on, do you still get the slowdown if you turn it off?

Yes, the folder tree has no affect on the slowdown either way.

Those are all the obvious/easy things I can think of.

We might need to use Process Monitor to log what's going on during the 10 second delay. That should tell us which files are being accessed, and which process and component is accessing them (including if it's a shell extension DLL rather than Opus itself).

If you can run Process Monitor and save a log showing the period with the delay (use the .PML format when saving the log), the zip up the result & send it to me, I can take a look to see what it tells us. (It's probably best to send the zip via a private message.)

keyboard updgrade did it.