11.1.1 beta: Edit button in Scripts don't do anything?

Somehow the edit button on Preferences->Toolbars->Scripts don't seem to do anything
in the new beta (although it worked in 11.1 release).

The edit button hasn't changed between 11.1 and 11.1 beta 1.

It's dependent on filetype settings, so maybe they changed?

I see the same behaviour as myarmor.

Regards, AB

No, that is as it was..

JSFile/Shell/Edit/Command=runs my editor
JSFile/Shell/Open/Command=runs the script

However, using Process Monitor I noticed something.
Clicking Edit in the Preferences->Toolbars->Script for a script called AutoSelector causes PM to display:
CreateFile c:\windows\system32\AutoSelector.js followed by NAME NOT FOUND etc.

Apologies, you're both right. The edit button code wasn't changed but something it depended on was changed in the beta, which has broken it. We'll get that fixed.


The button should work again in today's new beta.

Yep seems good now, thanks.

Did you consider having the edit button open the script in the CLI -script interpreter?

@wowbagger, please no..
DO isn't exactly the editor I would want to choose for writing code. At least if it is more than a few lines.
It is nice to be able to load/save/test scripts using it though.

If it was up to me, I would've preferred to use an external editor for rename scripts too (without having to do copy/paste).
Maybe even store the rename scripts as standard (.js/.vbs/etc) files just as the addins do.

However, replacing the edit button with a split button where the default was external and you could choose the interpreter in the dropdown might work.