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11.1 on website is older than 11.1 Beta 3 in forum


Probably just a typo, but I noticed since the final release of v11 that says v11.1, but then beta versions of 11.1 started coming out, unless the intention was a different version/beta numbering scheme than previously used.


That's correct.

Stable vs Beta versions, and the automatic update checker:

Note that 11.1 Beta 1 comes after 11.1. Think of 11.1 Beta 1 as being all the changes in 11.1, plus beta versions of changes which will eventually be part of 11.2.

(The product versions on the installers etc. are for the stable release and, .2, .3 for the three betas after it, similar to before.)


This is different to the industry standard use of version numbers and the term beta. I found it confusing for a while.


Thanks, guys. I figured there was no way that just "slipped" by. :slight_smile: Take care.