Sorry if this isn't the correct forum, I didn't see one where I could offer a few words of feedback.
12.11 is AWESOME - not that previous builds weren't - I guess if I'm being honest, it's partly because it includes things that improve my use of DO (which is pretty much all day every day) - and that makes me selfish I suppose! LOL But more than that, it is a powerful reinforcement to me that GPS is evolving DO (at a rapid pace no less) very much based upon what it's users need and ask for. No I didn't just figure this out, I've been a DO fan a long time, and written my share of rambling criticisms. Most companies would ignore the issues I was trying to convey. And despite my sometimes harsh way of conveying a frustration I was having, GPS still listened and considered the ideas I was trying to get across. As I often say, if I didn't give a damn about the quality of the product or the continued success of the company - then I wouldn't care enough to bitch now and then! LOL

12.11 addresses a huge area that has frustrated me - and they did it in a big way! My big thing has been trying to build themes/styles for people like me who spend more hours at our computers than most people, where every detail of look/feel matters. I am tremendously excited about the enhancements in 12.11 that will allow me to pursue this - AND - to share my themes with the community. I should be able to complete my first 3 themes in the coming months - Solarized Dark, Light, and a brand new one I created that is based on a color called "Steel Blue" (gray/blue/dark) and like the other Solarized themes uses low contrast and is very easy on the eyes. The Solarized themes are available for a great number of apps especially for us programmers. And I will share these as soon as I get them "up to par" (now possible with 12.11!)

Many other enhancements in 12.11 will help me greatly, save me time, but again, they're just proof because I have seen people asking for these things and they're now in 12.11 - and not YEARS after someone asked for them! More software firms should be this way.