12.13: Delays with non-auto-load tabs and unreachable network shares

Is there a link where I can download DOpus 12.12? The latest version is frequently locking up on me when I open a new lister.

Please try these versions and let us know if they fix things for you or if you still have problems.

Thanks, Leo. Version 12.12.2 works properly, but 12.12.3 has the problem.

Now that the work week is over, I can give you a proper bug report below. I was able to reproduce the conditions for when the problem is happening. I'm on Windows 7 64-bit.

I'm not seeing a crash, but rather the program will freeze for 5 to 10 seconds (sometimes more) when I open a new lister whenever my laptop is not connected to my home network. I've had it freeze for nearly 30 seconds once. The time varies.

It appears that Opus is looking for a Windows file share in one of my tabs even though I have told it to prevent loading of network drives.

Try these steps and see if you can reproduce:

  1. Edit your preferences. Go to Folders -> Auto-Loading. Set Network Drives to Prevent Loading. Click OK to save preferences.
  2. Create a Dual Vertical lister. Set path for tab on left to a local directory. Set tab on right to a Windows file share.
  3. Go to menu Settings -> Set As Default Lister.
  4. Open a lister and it should work fine.
  5. Disconnect from the network, optionally connect to another network where the file share in the tab wouldn't be reachable. Or you can turn off the Windows file share server.
  6. Open a lister.

When I reach step 6, the lister will open, but the tabs will be titled "Empty Tab". Any interaction with the window will cause it to dim and the text "(Not Responding)" will be appended to the title bar text. My pointer changes into the spinning "busy" pointer. After approximately 5 to 15 seconds the lister will load my tabs and function normally.

If I restore access to the file share by connecting to my home network (via VPN, wifi, or physical cable), the problem goes away and listers will open and work properly right away.

Let me know if you want me to test any more builds.

Hi Matt,

Many thanks for the detailed repro steps.

We've made some test versions to help isolate/confirm what was causing the problem:

Please try those three versions and let us know which (if any) get things back to how they used to be, and which are the same as 12.13 was.

  • The zip contains three dopus.exe versions, which I've called ND1, ND2, ND3.
  • These should be copied over an existing 12.13 install. They won't work with newer/older versions.
  • Fully exit Opus (File / Exit Directory Opus), then copy the new dopus.exe over the existing one using File Explorer, and double-click it.

If ND1 fixes things then you can stop there, but otherwise please try the other two and see if they're better.

Many thanks for your time and help tracking this down.

Hi Leo. ND1 fixes the problem.

Many thanks! We will include that change in the next update.