12.19.4 (Beta) time delay when inline renaming

There is a delay when renaming folders and files from the context menu.

This delay occurs when, after renaming a file or folder, left-click in an empty Directory Opus window.
If you press the Enter key after renaming, then everything is fine, quickly renames.
I shot a video:
Video_2020-02-06_091752.rar (962.5 KB)
In Directory Opus, if renamed, then fine.

In Directory Opus 12.19.3 (Beta) everything was fine.

Windows 7 system (32 bit)

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Same experience for me.

Does it work for you too?

Yes, the same as you, pressing the enter key works instantly.

If you click the left mouse button in an empty area of the window, then it renames for a long time.
When you press the "Enter" button when renaming, it normally renames quickly.
Here is the video, at the beginning of the video in an empty place I click, then I press Enter.
Video_2020-02-07_104814.rar (992.3 KB)

Dopus 12.19b4 Windows 10 1909
I am seeing the same thing.
Right Click filename choose Rename.
2 Left Clicks to Highlight Filename
Then Rename it
If I Hit Enter it renames straight away but if I just Left Click on empty part of lister which I have always done nothing changes until I either Press F5 or go out of the folder and then go back into it.
Tried waiting and after 10 mins It still had not renamed hitting F5 or going out of folder and back in it then renamed

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We've fixed this for the next beta.

(Note that if you push return to finish the rename, instead of clicking away, then it'll be fast already in the current beta.)


Well thank you.

Confirm has been fix


Yes, now everything is fine at 12.19.5 (Beta)

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