12.23.3 Beta: Cannot click Menu Button after its submenu opens

This mostly impacts a Menu Button when used in a context menu, not as a toolbar button, as its submenu only opens automatically when in a context menu.

As an example, I have a Menu Button called Refresh with the option Hold or Right-Click to Drop Down enabled. This button has two subcommands: Refresh Both and Refresh All (these appear in the submenu).

With such a configuration, the parent context menu item (Refresh) cannot be triggered if the submenu opens. This means one has to be sure to press Refresh before the submenu opens (within ?00ms), else the only way to trigger the command is to do something to make the open submenu close, e.g. hover over another menu item, and then be quicker to press Refresh next time.

With the option Hold or Right-Click to Drop Down disabled, the same problem is encountered after pressing the small triangle to reveal the submenu: the parent item can no longer be clicked.

I believe this behaviour is undesirable and down to the recent change in 12.23.3 Beta which made it so that context menu submenus won't re-open upon each successive click of their parent. I haven't tested the theory, but I imagine it would have previously allowed the parent item to always remain triggerable. Instead of reverting the change, which I suggest would be a step backwards, I think a better fix would be to keep the Menu Button triggerable no matter the state of its submenu. This makes sense to me as a Menu Button can never be left-clicked to open its submenu anyway, unlike the other button type called Menu. Right-clicking does work to open a Menu Button's submenu, and I would hope that'd remain the case if any changes were made.


- Directory Opus v12.23.3 Beta x64 Build 7752
- Windows 10 v20H2 OS Build 19042.870