12.26 Taskbar Icon, Revert to Static Icon

It would be nice if UPGRADE installations would not switch to the new default behaviour. I also was a bit dizzy at first. Plus, as the option is not marked as something that actually affects the taskbar, you'll never know unless you read the release notes.

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Always a good idea... :blush:

Thanks bro

Thank you. It confused me that you highlighted "Launching Opus" > "From the Taskbar icon", since the setting is found under Display > Options.

I really wish I didn't have to waste my time hunting down this option to begin with. Agreed that this type of behavior should not have been applied to upgrades.


That highlight actually came from the search function - it highlights every occurence of the search term, something I REALLY like in Opus (even as I only use it once a year). Should have removed that before taking that snap.

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The new icon option only affects the taskbar if you have the taskbar configured to "never group" (not the default Windows behavior), in which case it should help you tell one window from another (if they have different folder icons) and be useful, if you give it a chance. Up to you which you use, though, of course!

The option to revert back to the old behavior was mentioned directly in the release notes, as the third bullet point. If you install an update and want to turn off a new feature, the info on how to do so will often be there already.


Just a FYI: Almost nobody reads release notes. Kinda like nobody reads EULAs. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I have another problem, that may be unique to me. Hope it's OK to post about it here, since it's in the same ballpark. After updating to to 12.26, the DOpus icon on the taskbar buttons now look like the default Windows Explorer folder icon. On my laptop as well as my desktop, using W10 21H1. I skimmed this topic, but nobody else seems to have mentioned it.

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That may be true, but if you don't like a change in an update, it's still quicker and easier to read the release notes for the update you just installed than write/read a forum thread or wait for a reply. Leaves us more time to work on the program, too.

The option you want is likely the same one discussed in this thread and the release notes. Have you tried it?

The Windows taskbar also has several bugs which cause the wrong icon to be displayed sometimes. Un-pinning and re-pinning the taskbar icon usually fixes them when they happen.

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Yes, I tried it. No dice. I do run in 'never combine' mode. It's not pinned, just the running program. Like so:

Bugs, yes, but it hasn't happened to any other program. Just DOpus. And after the update.

I can toggle that behavior using the setting described above.

With Use current folder's icon checked:

With Use current folder's icon not checked:

As mentioned somewhere else recently be sure to check OK or Apply after checking/unchecking the option in question.

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Aha. Seems I was confused. It's OK now.


May I just suggest that if you didn't change such stuff, this thread would not exist at all, and give you even more time to work on the program. Just saying..

I'll look at this from the other point of view. Some people obviously wanted this change. Others may have wanted this change but didn't realize it, and because of not reading the release notes wouldn't have been aware of this feature they wanted until it was already active by default on the new version.

I don't want it at this time, but I can see how it could be useful in some situations, now I know about it and was able to turn it off. All is good. :slight_smile:


I also requested this change here:

and I like it very much.

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If you don't want any changes, to the extent that it's a big problem to have some icons change in a way that can be instantly reversed via a checkbox, then don't install updates (or at least skim the release notes before installing them, as they will alert you to those changes when they happen).


I assumed it was a bug. Because it looked like a bug.

From my many years of software development and user reactions, I can tell about a valuable lesson I learned: blaming the user is never a good strategy. When they came to me with concerns, I didn't say "well, you should have read the release notes" or "if you don't like it, don't update". That makes people feel stupid and people don't like feeling stupid. I learned that pretty fast.

And I learned to not assume that just because I found something intuitive and obvious, my users would too. Software developers can be insulated to such a degree that they think their way is the best way. It doesn't work like that.

So when I tell you that you should reflect on why this thread exist, and take some responsibility, it's not because I want to upset you. On the contrary. I hope you take it as an opportunity to think about how stuff looks from a user's perspective, and ponder "what could I have done better".

Hope you take this in the good faith that it is written.


I have a new suggestion for this feature: Use standard Opus icon if only ONE Lister is open, switch to folder icons when several listers are open.
99% of the time I only have one lister open (old fashioned 8-Bit-Guy).
And again, let me say again that the feature really is welcome, but enabling it on upgrades as default (especially on a .25 to .26 upgrade, not a major release) is questionable because it is a major visual change without warning.

Personally, I love this feature.

Maybe I'm a little weird here, I always read release note before click the download button.


Are we really discussing activating or not activating a new (just optical, not functional) feature in a highly configurable software mainly designed for power users?!!!