[12.5.1] File Log Bug and Suggestion

I just did some deletes by mistake and had to restore the files from backup.
I didn't quite see what I deleted though so I checked the good old Help > Logs > File log.
Found the 5 files I needed but I had to copy their paths as they're backed up with the same relative path on another machine and are too complex to navigate to.

Alas too bad you can't double click a line or right click and copy. (SUGGESTION: see what I'm getting at ;))

Oh well. Lets just save the log to a text file and get my paths from there...
...only to find out the the paths in the saved log are being TRUNCATED to 256 characters. A line looks like

31/05/2017 23:15:15:
Delete: [BLABLABLA-MAX256 characters]

My full paths were double that length so it was an epic fail this time.
It's just the saved logs that are truncated by the way so in the utility panel the full paths are still visible.
Getting the paths from there - not so pleasant.

And here you have it. Just a little something to add to that list :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions, we'll improve this in the next update.

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