12.8 Updated 7z.dll to version 18.01

shouldn't it be 18.05?
from 7zip change log history 18.05

  • The vulnerability in RAR unpacking code was fixed (CVE-2018-10115).

7-Zip 18.05 came out a week after Opus 12.8. The changelog refers to an earlier 7z.dll update which also included a RAR security fix (not sure if the same issue or a different one).

However, if you re-download Opus 12.8 (or hadn't downloaded it until this week), we put the newer 7z.dll (as well as an unrar.dll update) into the installer when we re-built it to fix something else. It'll be in the release notes for 12.8.1 but we figured we'd update the DLLs for new downloads of 12.8 as well.

Note that 7z.dll is not used for RAR files in Opus by default. The unrar.dll and unrar64.dll update is the more important one, and also included.

If you want to check the 7z.dll and unrar.dll versions Opus and other software currently use, use Tools > Find Files and search for *(7z|unrar)*.dll which should find most copies of both DLLs, including unrar64.dll and renamed versions (e.g. Beyond Compare has BCUnrar.dll which is just unrar64.dll with a different name).

The Description column in Opus will show you the versions of the DLLs you find, as well as whether they are 64 or 32-bit versions, and you can copy over newer versions if you need to.

re-downloaded Opus 12.8 contains latest dll's. Thanks!