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12.9.3/4 beta: Erratic behavior of Explorer Replacement


First, let me say that I'm reporting this right now only because people running beta versions are supposed to report things.

I've recently been encountering the case that when some other application opens a folder, the folder opens in Explorer rather than Opus.

I first saw this after installing 12.9.3, but the timing made me suspect that possibly Microsoft's September "Patch Tuesday" updates to Windows 10 could possibly be relevant since simply reinstalling 12.9.2 didn't fix the problem.

I won't try to list everything I've done to try to isolate the circumstances of the problem. (I don't even know anymore)!

Suffice it to say that at the moment I have a system with the "Patch Tuesday" updates and 12.9.2 installed which seems to probably not have the issue, but the problem was unpredictable enough, or at least seemed so to me, that I feel I have to run this configuration for a while before I'm confident that it's stable and doesn't have the problem.

I did just copy the system that seems to now be OK and installed 12.9.3 on it without immediately encountering the problem, but I don't consider that conclusive because I had other cases where I thought I had solved the problem only to have it come back.

My experience so far has convinced me that I have to use the system with 12.9.2 installed for a while without seeing the problem before I can be convinced that if I install 12.9.3 again and the problem comes back that will really be because of the installation of 12.9.3.

I realize this can't be a common problem with 12.9.3 and am even mentioning in now only so I won't be told "Why didn't you report this when you were running the relevant beta".

I'm completely happy to have no response to this unless I come back later and say I've encountered the problem again.

Open Folder from Desktop -> Opens in Win Explorer

12.9.3 deliberately disabled (some) Explorer Replacement in Chrome. You don't mention which apps you've had problems with but if it's Chrome then this is to be expected.


Nothing obviously related to Chrome.

I have a scanner which scans a document to a PDF file and then opens the folder where the PDF was created.

Besides that I use Image for Windows from Terabyte Unlimited for backups. (Double) clicking a backup file causes it to open in TBIMount, also from Terabyte. From there any partition included in the backup be mounted and its contents navigated just like an actual partition. Normally, the display of the contents of the partition is in Opus. At the time the folder containing the file created by the scanner was opening in Explorer, the display of the partition in the backup file was also Explorer.

Everything seems OK now in 12.9.2, but I still want to take some time to be sure that's the case before installing 12.9.3 again.



I've encountered the same behavior after installing 12.9.3 and 12.9.4. (Windows 10 1803 x64)

In File Explorer when I right click on a folder and choose "open with Directory Opus", it opens in File Explorer ???

With Cryptic Disk when I mount a virtual encrypted drive, it opens in File Explorer.

Also with XMPlay when I click "Explore Folder" in the playlist, it opens in File Explorer.

Thank you


I must say, I have experienced similar issues, and it only started happening after the 12.9.3 beta. I'll try and recreate it again when I get home and post an update.


If you're seeing problems here, have you rebooted after installing the newer betas? Some of the components used for Explorer Replacement cannot be updated until a reboot, and may not work properly when mixing two versions.


Yes, I've rebooted many times after installing 12.9.3 and 12.9.4 :sunglasses:

I did not mix the 2 versions and I've tested each version separately.


Yeah I've rebooted both my workstation and my Surface, problem still occurs. So far I've managed to reproduce it consistently with Listary Pro—when searching a folder in Listary search dialog, then hitting enter to open, it opens in an Explorer window instead of Directory Opus.

Before 12.9.3 and 12.9.4 it would open in a DOpus Lister.

Edit: Nevermind. I am an idiot. Folder it is opening is a .lnk shortcut, which itself is triggering Explorer to open the folder. Just tested with another folder name and it's working as expected.

Sorry for bad testing!


Thanks for confirming that.

I've done some testing and it seems like the right-click > Open in Directory Opus menu item in Explorer only works if Opus is already running in the background.

Would that account for everything you are seeing? That that issue is whether or not Opus is already running?

I haven't got to the bottom or why that is causing the difference yet; just want to check if it's the same thing that everyone else is seeing.


You're right, if Opus already running the File Explorer "right-click > Open in Directory Opus" works normally.
I've tested XMPlay and Cryptic Disk and it doesn't work, even if Opus already running.


OK, I'm seeing the same thing.

It's strange it seems tied to the recent betas because this seems to go back to Opus 11 at least though (I haven't checked farther back than that).


I think it’s now safe to assume this problem doesn’t exist in 12.9.2 so I installed 12.9.4.

After rebooting, I scanned a document. Opus opened the file containing the result as expected.

Then I fully exited Opus and scanned again. Explorer opened.

After restarting Opus and scanning again, Explorer still opened.

After changing preferences to “Don’t replace explorer” and back to “Replace Explorer for all file system folders”, scanning still caused Explorer to open.

After reinstalling 12.9.2, scanning still caused Explorer to open.

For now, I'm going to restore the system to it's state where neither 12.9.3 nor 12.9.4 has ever been installed.


It may be worth mentioning that although I triggered the occurrence of this problem tonight by exiting Opus, I'm reasonably confident that Opus had not been exited the first time I saw the problem several days ago.


We've tracked down the problem.

The bug was new in 12.9.3 but could affect other versions because it wrote a config file which tripped up the Explorer Replacement code (when Opus wasn't already running).

We have a fix coming in the next update. Once installed, everything will start working again after the main config file is next saved (e.g. open Preferences, change something and click OK).

Open Folder from Desktop -> Opens in Win Explorer

We have re-uploaded 12.9.4 beta with a fix for this, so you can get it now rather than have to wait.


With the new beta fix installed, I am still seeing native Explorer open a desktop folder.


Make sure you have:

  • (Rebooted after installing the update, if not already.)
  • Made a configuration change. (Open Preferences, change any option, click Apply, then wait 10 seconds.)

It should work after that. The issue was with the way 12.9.3 saved a configuration file.


By the way, I've been meaning to thank those in this thread for reporting this issue and providing the information that helped us track it down. It was a tricky problem that was in a way a totally random outcome of an unrelated change, and we almost certainly wouldn't have spotted it before the 12.10 release without your reports.

This is exactly why we put out public betas - so please, you should never feel like you have to hold back or verify things before reporting weird stuff you've noticed!