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125% scaling renders prefs/customize window unreadable


Hello guys! o)

Since you put a lot of effort into DO to support all kind of Windows10 and DPI related foo, you might be interested in this little screenshot:

The user came into the german forum asking for help because he could not read what's in the prefs/customize windows.
It turned out he had the Windows scaling (?) set to 125%, after turning it back to 100% all was fine.

Isn't that Windows setting one which shouldn't create such problems or is something like shown still likely to happen with Windows 10? I do not own a computer running Windows 10, I can't tell! o)



Did he reboot after changing the scaling?


I don't know (I will ask), is that required?


Rebooting can be required before applications and parts of the OS fully adjust to DPI/scaling changes. Before that, things may be blurry (due to being scaled as bitmaps rather than rendered at the native size) or the wrong size (due to some sizing metrics not being updated until a reboot).

(In fact, it can take two reboots for a few things to adjust, which seems to be a Windows bug. But those are fairly subtle, like the height of status bars and a few other things.)

The problem in the screenshot looks like something else, though. It looks like the Windows theme texture for the dialog background has become corrupted or is not being rendered properly. My guess is that that problem is coming from the display driver and not Windows or Opus, since it is not normal. Updating the display driver would be the first thing I would try. (Rebooting may still fix it, but the driver is likely part of the problem.)

This is the same dialog on my machine at 125%, after a reboot (Opus 12.6):


Thank you for some more details on this, I translated your answer and posted it in the h&p forum (naming you of course o).

Meanwhile Kundal suggested to set the scaling to a custom value (120%), which worked good for him and so it did for the user having the problem with the 125% preset.