2 bugs submit for DO 11.1 &11.2

2 bugs submit for DO 11.1 &11.2

  1. Directory opus 11.2, .rar archive inner file time display wrong

  1. These two “mirror” toolbar, location and search toolbar can NOT cancel. If you delete one toolbar, the mirror other one will also dispear. If you cancel one toolbar , OK, Look very well, but the mirror toolbar appear again if you restart the DO program.

They are both the same toolbar, which is why completely deleting the toolbar will delete both copies.

The one attached to the file display is chosen under Preferences / File Displays / Border / Display as a toolbar.

The other one must be there because you've made it part of your Default Toolbar Set. If you want to turn it off and re-save your Default Toolbar Set, do this:

Right-click an empty spot on any of your toolbars, and choose Toolbars -> Set As Default Toolbar Set from the context menu.

I am not sure what you are saying the bug is there. Please give more information.

(Please also see guidance on Ask one question per thread.)

just go into a rar file, then we can see the time of file display error.

Near as I can figure, he's asking about why the lister is showing the file date as being 'tomorrow' when his system time is showing 11:01 P.M. 'today'.

I'm seeing the same RAR file time error. Here's a couple of pictures; one showing the wrong file time in DirOpus 11.6, and the other showing the correct time inside of WinRAR 5.11:

My time zone is set to US Central (Daylight Savings) Time.


Thanks! That should be fixed in the next update.