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2 how to Q: themes / app shortcuts

I love this DO soft ! exctaly what I have been lQQing 4 - thanks for creating it.

ADD peson like me find it hard to search for my Q, I would be glad if you take the time to write me how to:

  1. change themes
  2. creating toolbar with aplication shortcuts

Thanks, All the best and HAPPY HOLIDAYS !

  1. how do i prevent more then 1 DOpus to be open at the same time.
  1. Go to Settings -> Lister Themes and then File -> Import Theme and find the .dlt file you downloaded. If the thing you downloaded isn't a .dlt file (or a .dlt file inside a zip archive) then it's probably just an a background image or some icons and will need to be configured manually using Preferences/Images or Customize.

  2. Watch this video (doesn't require sound): [Toolbar Editing (video tutorial)) and, once you're familiar with all of that, you can drag & drop applications to the toolbar while in Customize mode.

  3. See this recent thread: [Single window mode?)