260 character limit to description (descript.ion) field?

Even though I have set the width of my description field to 400 (or more) characters, the "Set Description" dialog only accepts the first 260 characters, and then won't let me input any more characters. Is there a way to have a longer description field? (I use the field to describe the holdings of legal cases that are saved as files, and often need more than 260 characters to do this).

You can work around the limit by editing the descript.ion file directly. I just tested this and Opus will display descriptions which are longer than 256 characters even though the Set Description dialog won't let you type them.

Depending on your configuration the descript.ion files may be hidden from view. A descript.ion file will exist in the directory once at least one file has a description of some kind. It's a very simple text format so you can edit it using any plain-text editor, such as NotePad. (Don't use anything like Word, of course.)

Yup, that works, thanks for the tip. I have posted a new message with a feature request for an option specifying how many characters the Set Description dialog box will accept.


If you want to post a feature request that GPSoftware are sure to read then use the official site.

(I've deleted the other thread you started - it's just a duplication of this really)