3 directory listers

Although i'm able to use dual listers. But I want 3 or 4 directory listers at any time. Since I'm a developer I have many working folders which should be in visibility.

I don't want a new lister in a new window. I want the 3 listers to be open in the same window

What advantage do you see in having more than two listers in a single window?

I am also a developer. Multi monitors is the way to go with multiple DO instances.

How about this on one monitor:

I have 4 monitors so doing this on one monitor is not something I need to do.

I've a dozen folders i work in a day. 3-4 should be available readily.
Q-Dir is doing good. I can see 4 folders at any time.

Secondly I want to ask whether yours support SFTP? Your doc does not talk about it.

Directory Opus supports unlimited folder displays. They are just separate windows. You can pick one as the source and at least one as the destination.

SFTP is short for SSH FTP or Secure FTP. Directory Opus has that feature as Secure FTP over SSH. See here: