3 lister view

Back in the days of Windows for Workgroups 3.1 there was a utility program called Norton Desktop. You could call it the first seed program of OPUS. It allowed windows to display multiple file mangers .. up to three side by side. This was odd in as much as most people had tiny 14 or 15 inch monitors and three file managers sound like a lot. Nonetheless, I used the three file manager view often.

Today, a 24 inch monitor is common. I use a three monitor setup ...a 30 inch flanked by two 24 inch monitors. I use OPUS 10 and I would very much like to have two vertical listers side by side with a horizontal lister on the bottom all connected up as one saved lister view. Is there any way I can do this with OPUS 10... perhaps someone has already written a script for this? Thanks


You would need to use at least two windows, but you can save them all into a single Lister Layout which you can recall at any time via a single click.

Thank you. It is not really what I was looking for, but it works. It would be great to see a three lister view in a future Opus version.

I'm curious, how would one go about setting this up?

See Layouts in the manual.

Ah, Save ALL Listers... Got it, thanks!