4 monitors.. getting directory opus to open new instance

Hello, i have 4 monitors on my win7 64 bit machine
is it possible for me to open 4 separate instances of directory opus on each monitor? when i double click on monitor one it opens directory opus, but if i double click on monitor 2,3,4 nothing opens, i'd like to be able to open 4 instances if possible
Thanks for suggestions!

You can open as many Opus windows, on as many monitors, as you want.

Double-clicking the desktop background should work on all monitors as well, unless you have Windows set up in an unusual way.

If you close the Opus window and then double-click one of the other monitors, does anything happen? It's possible that Opus is just configured to always open in a particular place instead of relative to where the mouse pointer is. There is a Preferences option to change that, if that's all it is.

if i close opus. then double click on any monitor then it will open opus to monitor one.. once it's open though i cannot double click again on a different monitor to have it open another instance on that other monitor (monitor 2) Ideally i'd like to be able to have opus on monitor 1, 2,3,,4 i can pull the window to all monitors, but i'd like seperate instances if possible to do?

Thanks for speedy reply as always Leo

Set Preferences / Launching Opus / From the Desktop / Open the Default Lister.

You probably have it set to Bring the last active Lister to the front (new Default Lister if no Listers open) right now.

If you want Opus to open multiple windows at once, you can use a Lister Layout to do that.

ok this fixed the problem somewhat... Set Preferences / Launching Opus / From the Desktop / Open the Default Lister.

When i double click dekstop it will bring opus to monitor 1. if i double click anywhere else/Diffrent monitor it will open another instance of opus. BUT on same monitor... Can one open that instance in the monitor it was doubled clicked in? example. if opus open in monitor 1, and i double click in monitor 2. it will open opus in monitor 2
Thanks leo.. Getting there:)


had to chose always over the the mouse pointer!
Thanks Leo!

i do have one more question in regards to this matter... can i by chance have it REMEMBER what should be opened when clicking that monitor?
meanign i could tell it if on monitor 3 also open my tree, my music drive, and open thumbnails and meta data, and previewer

If on monitor 1 always open download, and meta data, previewer etc..

same goes for position of window for that monitor. before using opus just windows 7 once i had opened a window/program on certain monitor it would remember it's placement... in opus if i make a view/lister then save it as this is default lister. when i goto different monitor. it opens the lister from the other monitors position. so it covers up other important things that are on that monitor..EX gadgets, media player toolbars etc.

You can tell Opus to remember or to not remember, and to open relative to the mouse or not, but there is no way to make double-clicking on different monitors open completely different things.

However, you could make it so double-clicking on any monitor will open the Opus windows for all monitors at once, via a layout.

If you want separate, different things for each monitor then you'll need to create separate layouts for them, and open them via some other method. (e.g. Right-click the monitor, you can get a list of layouts and choose the one you want. Or make hotkeys or icons or toolbar buttons which open the layouts you want.)

You could probably use a tool like AutoIT or AutoHotkey to open a different layout depending on which monitor you double-clicked on, if you want to get more technical.

That works Awesome Exactly what i'm looking for. think i will just disable double click, then there will be no confusion. i will just right click and chose my lister per monitor.

if i may ask a few more questions i've not been able to figure out since last we spoke(over a month ago), i'd greatly appreciate it...

  1. if i recall you told me it is not possible to do a MAC type style view. where i can have treeview, then select folder, then that will open view of all folders in it, then click another folder and it will show me files that are in that folder... am i correct in remembering this? will this be implemented? Would really make for fast viewing of what's inside a folder.
    2.in stand alone viewer(Also full screen mode) is there a way to go from picture to picture with arrow keys on keyboard? been looking for hours on how to accomplish this task
  2. all my views i've successfully setup KODC colors to show right click nicelly, BUT when I right click in my views (folder tree, next view computer, next view downloads) the right click is hard to see the box is white and so is the text.... I've had a look around colors, but cannot get the colors for right clicking to be easily readable. What are the view right clicks called under Display/Colors And Fonts... Once i get those figured out i can see and start tweaking :slight_smile: Loving KODC's template/theme. this will be perfect for my intended setup.
  3. Editing docs that have been opened in viewer/always shows this file is open until one closes the viewer then they can save.. possible to edit docs while viewer has focus on them?

Thanks again For your help with my custom setup.

Please ask one question per thread.

my apologies... understandable.