403: Forbidden error on update check

I get a 403 error when I check for an update.

PS Is there an option to attach screenshots?

If you Alt-PrintScreen while the window you want to share is active, you can CTRL-V paste it directly in a message you're writing.

Note: Alt-PrintScreen only captures the active window while PrintScreen by itself captures the entire screen (or all screens if you have a multi-monitor setup.

Are you using a proxy to access the web, or are you directly connected?

No, just a regular connection.


I use SnagIt, but it worked. Thank you. I didn't realize I can just paste it into the body.

If blog.dopus.com won't load in your web browser then there might be a regional internet issue.

Otherwise, it's most likely there's a firewall (or similar security tool) on your PC or network which is blocking Opus from making the connection.

No regional blocks, we are not quite a Gestapo state yet as you are guys. :wink:

Nothing on the firewall either locally. I'll check on the network side.

Don't worry about it, I'll fix it myself. Thanks for trying bud.

PS What is the IP range for your update servers?


What is the IP range for your update servers?

It varies by region, and Google's CDN more generally.
first ping result from my connection in the british isles.
as @Leo says you may get different results.

The update checker actually checks two different sites; the list of news articles comes from Google (and as Leo says, the IP address will probably vary regionally) but the actual new version check is made to www.gpsoft.com.au which has a fixed IP (

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What could be the problem is that your provider itself is blocking the update connection. Best to check with your internet provider. For instance in the UK BT can block sites that you don't know are blocked. Your provider can do a check and see if that is the case. All else fails do a manual check