64-bit give error =0x8000ffff Description: <Kernel\ServiceProvider.cpp

I've looked up in the Q&A board, and seems like the most likely solution is to create a new account and install. Unfortunately, I'm using a company laptop and the IT team told me that creating a new account(even temporarily) is unavailable.

Can please someone help me out?
I've had no problem til the previous version, and since the update has failed recently, I can't used dopus and it's a shame.

We are working on a new installer that will hopefully solve these issues. We hope to have something ready to test in a day or two.


I'm really looking forward to it.
Thanks a lot. It's terrible without dopus.

We have a test installer ready to go if you'd like to try it. Could you please email me at jon@gpsoft.com.au and I'll reply with the link.

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