7z to make archive with subdirectories

Hey all,

I have a series of directories, containing subdirectories, containing a mix of files and I only want to archive the .txt files from within. I'd like that archive to maintain the directory structure so I create a 7z file that contains the same directory structure and can be simply copied over the same structure and update the text files. It seems like that should be possible, but I don't quite see how to do it (and I don't script). I guess the simplest way might be to produce a text file of all the text files including their paths and edit that to produce a commandline version script for 7z?

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Turn on the Copy Filter option in the drop-down attached to the Copy Files button.

Create the archive as you would normally (e.g. right-click the folder and choose Add to FolderName.7z).

Opus should prompt you for the filter. Set it to Name Match *.txt, use wildcards.

That's it. :slight_smile:

Wow, that sounds too good to be true! Hmm, the Copy Filter button didn't do anything, 7z made an archive of everything really quickly, but it was the complete folder.


On the other hand... doing a zip is fine :slight_smile:


And it rocks so hard! That's brilliant, thanks Leo, and thank you to Jon and Greg for providing this in the first place :slight_smile:


Are you using Opus to make the 7z archive, or 7-Zip itself? The copy filter only affects Opus, when using the built-in 7z support.

Opus. Only having a zip is no big deal - it's not a huge file.


FWIW, It definitely works with 7z here as that's what I tried with.