Favorites & Recent in Folder Tree - Bug?

I think there may be a problem(s) with the Favorites & Recent (F&R) items in the Folder Tree.

This is what I did and the result I got:

  1. Open a lister (double in my case with source lister pointing at C:)

  2. Click on F&R, source lister refreshes but still shows C:\

  3. Click on Favorites - same result as step 2

  4. Click on Recent - same result as step 2

My Favorites has 2 entries (a '+' is displayed and expands Favorites when clicked).

  1. Click on a Favorite folder and that folder is displayed - this is now refreshed if steps 3 & 4 are repeated.

  2. Click on a folder in Recent and if doesn't exist, the Desktop is displayed in the source lister. If it does exist, it becomes the the subject of steps 3 & 4.

Not quite what I would have expected to see/happen.



Hmm. 63 reads but no replies.

So is this a bug or not?

Greg, Jon?

The Favorites & Recent item in the tree is a parent item so nothing is displayed in the file list area when it is selected. You have to select child items instead. Opus should probably display a view of the child items in the file display area when the parent is selected, but it doesn't right now.

What do you expect to see if you select a recent folder which no longer exists? (Perhaps it should simply be filtered out of the list.)

Well, I definitely think it is broken.

As you say Nudel, if I click on F&R, I would expect to see Favorites and Recent as folders in the lister.

Similarly, if I click on Favorites in the Folder Tree, I would expect to see sub-folders in the lister.

Expand Recent and click on Desktop (if it's there) - just refreshes the existing folder here.

Has anyone else had a play with the various combinations of clicking F&R, F or R and any sub-folders therein. Am I the only one that thinks it is not working correctly? :frowning:

It definitly needs looking at (IMHO).

I can confirm what you're saying when the Desktop is in the Recent tree, it does seem to be an anomaly.