Any one know what ha been updated in version ?

(This was asked on the Yahoo group a couple of days ago so apologies if you've already read my reply, pasted below, and were hoping for more info.) was a minor update which fixed two things that I know of:

  1. A workaround for an issue rendering certain 3rd party context menus (their icons would have big borders around them becuase they were doing something weird that Opus didn't expect).

  2. A fix for an issue where My Documents was remembered as its full path, rather than the symbolic "My Documents", when tab groups were saved (or something like that).

I can't remember what was in and can't find any posts about it here in the forums. (But the search, and Google as well it seems, ignores version numbers so you have to try stuff like searching for posts by Jon with the word "available" or "fix*" in them... Not very exact. :slight_smile:)

I remember that was quite a minor update to address an issue a couple of people were seeing but I can't remember what it was. I don't think there's any reason not to upgrade to it but equally it won't be very different than or if that's what you're already using. It doesn't contain any new fangled features to get excited about.

Thanks nudel

a new version is scheduled for next days ? has been on the GPSoftware downloads page for a little while. I don't think any further updates have been announced.