8.2.1--missing basic display parameters!

Hi All,
Been using Xplorer2 for some years, but today ( Tuesday) thought I would try D Opus 8.2.1 as it comes highly recommended.
The very first thing I cannot seem to find is where on earth to switch on the gridlines in the Details view? I find my work is some 30% slower without them!
I did a search here and it came up with nothing? Don't tell me such a complete package as D. O. 8, cannot even provide gridlines? Useless without it.

Also I am comparing the two file managers with the same config, with the same files open and the same display--both minimised.
Xplorer2 shows 5592K on processes, D Opus shows 25,188K, it even shows this with D Opus closed! Is this normal please? --seems a hog !
Thanks in advance for any help on where to find the gridlines.


Welcome to the forum. DOpus does not support gridlines directly as far as I know. It is quite easy to get horizontal gridlines though. Just create a small background image and set that in tiled mode in Preferences -> Display -> Images -> Standard File Display Image.

A 17 x 17 image with its top part white and the bottom line light grey should do the trick.

Another option is a 34 x 34 image with the top half white and the bottom half grey for alternating colored bars.

Adjust colors/dimensions the way you like it.

  • Caine.

Here's a pre-made "alternating strips" background if it's useful:

You might also find the Full-Row Selection options useful. They're under Preferences / Listers / Power/Details Mode.

In terms of memory, some (but not all) of that will be due to stuff you can cut down such as viewer plugins, background images, toolbar icons etc. If I go for a minimal setup I can get the memory usage down to 15mb while my normal setup uses 20mb. Still not as small as your Xplorer2 quote, of course, but IMO the difference isn't enough to worry about these days, unless you've got very little memory. The OS will page out Opus (and other programs) if it needs the memory for another task. Explorer itself uses 10-15mb and Opus does everything Explorer does (including all the shell extension hooks etc.) and more, with more icons etc. to display, so it doesn't surprise me too much that Opus uses what it does.

Regarding memory usage when Opus start up on my system it uses about 25Mb. When it is unused for a while and Wimdows pages some of it out the memory usage drops to about 500Kb then when I double click the desptop to use Opus again it usually consumes about 8-9Mb and can increase to about 15Mb depending on what functions I am using. Not a concern considering the job Opus is doing. I also use Fast Defrag to help memory management.