A bug? Huge mem usage and HDD goes insane when Opus Runs

Now the good news, I found out what it was..

But from the start...As I'love to know if this is me or Opus doing this by itself?

Just today my Opus started to take forever to run upon windows bootup, I'd intergrated it 100% and set it to bootup without listers at startup. I was totally stuffed as to why my HDD was going mad and the process was taking forever to load up (ie the icon to appear in the status tray). I initially loaded the task manager and saw it was indeed Opus doing the slowdown and it was eating RAM.

After a while I ran filemon, I noticed Opus was reading one particular dir and all its subdirs for files. I sat and tried to see what was doing this and the only thought I had was the directory in question was one I had ran a dupe file check via Opus.

After checking the registry I saw in the config/sync dir it had an entry for this directory. I modified it and zilch....

Being a pain in the ar%$ I decided to go thru all the files in the Opus directory in program files with no luck but I then decided to try the files in

C:\Documents and Settings*whatever your username is*\Application Data\GPSoftware\

And inside the collections dir I found a file called collections.col or something similar and that had a complete listing of that directory. I deleted it and Opus then booted up fine with no delays and it didn't parse that dir again.

Now, I am 100% sure I didn't set any details towards that dir apart from running a dupefiles check so any ideas as to why it was parsing that dir on startup.

It sure was a pain in the ar$% and slowed the machine down to a crawl while it started up. After reading the forum I saw threads re large cpu / ram use, I wonder if this may have anything to do with this problem...

Or not?

Any idea's peeps?

I spoke to Jon about this on IRC and, during startup, Opus currently scans all the files that are part of File Collections and on local disks (not network or FTP) to refresh their file sizes and dates.

I guess if you have a collection with a really large number of files this could result in a long time and possibly a lot of memory being used during the scan (depending on how the code works) and might explain what you're seeing.

An easy way to clear your file collections from within Opus is to select Go -> File Collections from the default menus, then select the collection(s) you want to get rid of and click the usual delete button. Deleting the file the way you did shouldn't cause any problems either, though, and doing that should be fine if it's easier.

Jon said the underlying problem will be fixed in the next major release.

Thanks for that..

Indeed the directory it was scanning was HUGE with multiple sub dirs and sqillions (its a real word..honest!) of small files.

Hopefully if anyone else see's Opus drag the PC to a crawl during bootup this post might help?