A copy operation when "Filter By Name" is enabled

I have a complex directory structure in which I need to review and edit all of the files that have a particular filename (don't ask). I want to isolate these files into a different folder structure so that I can edit these files without fear of accidently affecting anything else.

To do this, I did a "Filter By Name" and then selected Flat View (Grouped). This worked as expected showing a hugh folder tree with only the files of interest. I then copied all these files (Ctrl-A and dragging) in the list to a destination folder selecting "Recreate" when prompted.

Unfortunately this operation appears to have ignored the Filter By Name and instead has copied the entire folder structure and ALL of the files.

This is not what I was expecting.

Is this a bug? I would argue strongly that it is.

(I ended up setting up a Copy Filter and that worked a treat)


The Ctrl-A would have selected the folders as well, which you then dragged to copy to the destination - resulting in all the folders being copied. The Copy Filter is the way to do it as you discovered, or just make sure you only select the files when you do the drag & drop.