A few issues with floating tool bars

This is how a toolbar looks in the normal mode:

however, in the floating state it will look like this:

The lister menu bar has not the same height as the tab bar. Can this be changed? It would be nice if it would keep the same shape while in floating state, with the borders aligned to maintain the solid look.

The styles tab bar isn´t fully visible (image below). Also, there are no paths displayed in the path bar. (image above)

How can it be avoided to have the bars automatically docked to the edge?
They can´t be positioned directly side by side while in the floating state, but they´ll only be extended to the right with some unused space.

Yet another thing: When using the transparent (XP) or glas (Vista) effect, the path bar won´t show the input field, resp. no choice field in the tool bar.

I don't think things like the Location Field and Styles Tabs work in Floating toolbars at all. They are designed to work with the lister they are attached to and don't seem to do anything when in a floating toolbar.

Floating toolbars also aren't designed to dock with each other, so if you want two toolbars on the same line to have the same height you should instead move/copy the elements from one toolbar to the other, so there's just one floating toolbar.