A few more little issues to get rid

It looks like I'm pretty close to being completely satisfied with DO, but there are still a handfull of odd little problems to take care of.

  1. I use a WinXP theme that has centered title bar text. For some reason, DO windows like to flip-flop back and forth between left aligned and centered. Usually the text is centered, but will temporarily revert to left aligned while I'm doing somthing like extracting a zip/rar archive. Other times it will always be locked into left aligned.

  2. When I open the find dialog and search for something, it will initially make the entire screen turn white. The only way to fix this is to press alt+f4. If I hit the search button again, the search status window will appear, but it will be waaaaaaaay too large. I've tried resizing it, but it doesn't seem to retain the new size between search sessions.

  3. I'd preffer that the folder tree didn't automatically scroll horizontally when I expand things.

  4. When I change to a different lister layout (ie. dual vertical), the active pane will always revert to the default view (details, in my case) with the content type set as "none".

Thanks for all your help!

Try forcing on the WindowBlinds Compatibility checkbox discussed here -- this stops Opus from doing any custom titlebar rendering and will probably fix the problem (but you'll lose the pin and zoom buttons in the titlebar).

Sounds like an issue with the theme which might be triggered by what Opus has to do to get resizable tab control backgrounds to work under visual styles. Does it happen with other parts of Opus that have resizable tab controls, such as the File Type editor dialog? (Settings, File Types in the default menus.)

I don't use the tree much myself but, at least with my config, it doesn't ever scroll automatically when I expand branches of the tree nor even when I click on directories in the tree that are off to the right of the window. The only time it scrolls horizontally is when I change directories using the file display area. Is that what you mean, or am I doing something wrong? (Or maybe I've got an option set that does what you want and I don't know it?)

Doesn't seem to happen here, except maybe when I switch to the Images style and then back again. Go to Preferences, Layout, Lister Styles and have a look at the style(s) that you use and in particular whether they set a Format or View Mode for the left and/or right file display. Maybe that's what's going on.

Thanks, that took care of it!

It doesn't seem to happen with any other reseizable dialogs. I'm not sure if I was clear that it only happens on the search status window after you enter your search info and hit the search button. It could very well be my visual style (which I've done extensive editing on), or possibly my Litestep theme. I've never encountered this problem in any other program though.

That's what I meant. Sorry for the mix up. I didn't really expect there to be "fix" for this, so I guess its alright.

Unticking the "view mode" setting under each saved lister layout did the trick.

A couple more things have popped up...

  1. Opus completely freaks out when I try to add a new drive, then point my current lister to the My Computer display. The last time I tried plugging in my external HDD, Opus froze and I had to restart my computer to get it working again :angry: . The folder tree also doesn't refresh to show the new drive until I restart the lister. Is there a more gracefull way of adding new drives? Or perhaps some way of getting My Computer to auto-refresh.

  2. Usually when you highlight a bunch of files and choose "cut", they will become grayed out. Sometimes this doesn't work, and the display behavior will be the same as if I had chosen "copy".

  3. Sometimes the clickable file paths don't work.

Stuff like this should be separate posts really but I'll answer 'em here anyway. :slight_smile:

  1. Sounds like there is a problem somewhere since you should be able to add drives without that happening (and I certainly can). Does the same problem happen within Explorer or only with Opus? Which OS are you using? A standard USB external drive using the default Windows XP drivers should behave the same for everyone, at least in theory.

  2. Are you seeing the difference between normal folders (e.g. C:) and special system folders (e.g. Desktop or My Computer)? If so then the difference is because the special folder views are provided by Explorer which doesn't work quite the same as Opus. (I just tried it and Explorer doesn't seem to ghost items cut from Desktop, so I'm guessing that's what you're seeing.)

  3. There's an option in Preferences which means filepaths are only clickable in the source-side lister. Maybe you just need to turn that off? (The reason for this option is so that you can easily click the destination side to make it source, without having to worry about finding an empty space to click on.)