A list of Hotkeys/Shortcuts with commands

Heres a list of some shortcuts with their respective commands (or whatever you call them!) Its an Excel document. (would it be better if i attatched it in a different formet?)

I started doing this for myself so I could remember/learn them & thought I'd post it here in case anyone else would like to add to it or simply use it.
Its mostly fairly basic stuff, but when you're a beginner as i am it takes a long time to figure out or find all this stuff.

At the bottom of the list is my "wishlist" (short for the moment)
What I haven't been able to figure out are commands:

  1. to go Forwards & backwards in viewer
    The viewer seems to be a seperate programme so I dont think its actually possible to programme shortcuts

  2. to turn Tabbar (STYLES) on/off

It would be great if people contributed their shortcuts or button commands to the list, or, what do ye think?!
Maybe theres an easier way of doing that (sharing such info) :question:
Shortcuts.zip (23.1 KB)

You can turn Tabbar (STYLES) on/off with a button.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<button display="both" effect="gray">
	<label>Toggle Styles Toolbar</label>
	<tip>Toggle Styles Toolbar</tip>
	<function type="normal">
		<instruction>Toolbar NAME=Tabbar STATE=top TOGGLE</instruction>

Regards, AB

Do you mean the separate viewer window (can't change from the default keys of Backspace and Spacebar) or in the viewer pane that's part of the lister (you can bind a key to select the next/previous file which will change what's shown in the viewer pane)?

thanks aussieboykie,

i spent a while trying to paste the whole thing into the function line without success until i looked a bit closer at the txt! (it was my first "new" button)
btw, does boykie mean something or is it a nick/name?

in the viewer pane that's part of the lister (you can bind a key to select the next/previous file which will change what's shown in the viewer pane)?[/quote]

that sounds good ... how do i do that ?!

thanks for all yere help, tom

It's actually a South African slang word derived from Dutch/Afrikaans. Roughly translated as "lad", or "bloke".

Regards, AB

The commands are just select next and select prev

You'll have to make them system-wide hotkeys (via Customize / Keys) for them to work in the viewer pane with viewers like PDF and other ActiveX stuff which takes over the input focus. If they're system-wide then they will affect whichever file list last had the input focus, which can be confusing if you temporarily use another lister and then go back to a different one's viewer pane, but it seems to work well enough.

If you're only interested in browsing pictures then you probably don't need to make the keys system-wide (because picture views shouldn't take the input focus like Acrobat Reader, Word, etc. do), but then again you could already use the up and down cursor keys to do exactly the same thing in that case. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it mostly photos I looking at.

The up down arrows don’t work when lister is in thumbnail mode (I mean up & down work but you cant go to the side to get all the files, if you follow - left/right arrows change the lister view even when you're "in" the viewerpane)
I now have my styles button (!)
so I can change from dual to film strip, use up down arrows, then go back to Previous view.

Sorted ~ thanks for all help, tom