A lister is opening in Windows/System every reboot

I have DOpus set to re-open the listers that were open when I shut down. Now, every time Windows starts, it opens all the expected listerss -- but also opens a new one focused on "C:\Windows\system". This seems to have started happening since I installed an Asus Xonar sound card -- dunno if it's related?

I make sure that this lister is closed when I shut down, but it still comes back at restart.... any ideas how I can stop this?

Also, another small problem -- listers redisplayed at bootup don't show folder tree correctly -- any folder that was expanded open should have a [-], but all folders show [+] which is rather confusing.


Turn off Explorer Replacement in Opus. Is that extra window when you boot now an Explorer window?

If so, it's nothing to do with Opus. You have something launching that folder at startup and Opus just happens to be configured as the default handler for folders.

Look in the Start Menu -> All Programs -> Startup folder and in the Sysinternals Autoruns tool's Logon tab (or a similar tool for checking HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and similar).

Great, thank you -- that Autoruns is very useful.

Looks like I have 3 Xonar related items being loaded at logon -- 2 are EXEs but for some reason one is not loading and instead its folder is opening. I think its time I reinstalled windows! Anyway, no worries, you can close this thread :slight_smile: Thanks for the help. :slight_smile: