A little Clarity on Date/Time Columns

In DO 10 the "Creation Date" column displays just the date but yet when sorted on it appears to use the time as a tiebreaker even though it isn't displayed. "Created" is the column that shows both the date and time and as such I would expect it to sort including time. I would assume because there is also a equivalent "Creation Time" column that the true purpose having the "Creation Date" and "Creation Time" was to separate out the date from the time. This same problem occurs with the equivalent date/time fields for "Modified" and "Accessed". This also happens in DO 9 but the columns are named slightly different.

I did try to ascertain the intent via the help file but wasn't able. So if someone could identify the true functionality I will put in a service request if necessary.


It works how you described it. If you sort by a date-only column it'll still use time as a tie-breaker, so that when you sort by that column the files are still ordered by age.

The difference between the date-only and date-time columns is what they display, not how they sort.