A little help with finding files

This will be an easy one for ya'll....

I'm just wanting to find all files with parenthesis and a 1 in them.

I tried *(1).* but am still getting files that don't even have a parenthesis in them.

For example...
I get "01.00-syb_rerun_by_caseno (1).sql" but I also get "01.00-syb_rerun_by_caseno.sql"
I only want "01.00-syb_rerun_by_caseno (1).sql"

Thanks for the help.

( and ) are wildcard characters so need to be escaped with an apostrophe. Try *'(1')*.

Thanks for that! It worked.

I thought that *\(1\)* would work as it shows that in the help file. I would've not ever guessed to use single quotes.

Regular expressions use \ as an escape character, the standard wildcard system uses '.


Just to max out the facepalms, it actually does tell you this when you type a ( :slight_smile: