A media user's dislikes list about v12 pro

I found out about directory opus recently (via humble bundle). I had been in the market for a windows explorer or operating system replacement ever since I got a 4k tv -- for the sole purpose of providing larger thumbnails.

First thing I did is set it up for 4k living room media use; I maxed out the thumbnails, minimized boarders, removed navigation panel and all but a single toolbar to max out the browsing space. I'm not really using any functions that set it apart from explorer other than the thumbnails. I just wanted to say that.

I have been running the pro trial for a few weeks. I like how it fixes many small problems with windows explorer but there are also a few things I find lacking in comparison. I hope these issues to be resolved so I can stop arguing with myself over which one is better for me.


-clicking the search box doesn't bring up previously typed searches as explorer does, keyboard must be used every time (annoying for living room media usage especially since keyboard can be anywhere like the remote). small annoyance.

-I can't figure out how to have check boxes in every instance folder, they keep disappearing at first folder change even if I save and replace the folder options. I must be doing it wrong, or do I have to enable check boxes every time I use them?

-trying to copy checkbox selected files copies normally selected file instead. don't know if this is a bug or something that can be overcome.

-somehow avi format thumbnails aren't fetched correctly. they are clearly fetched from the beginning (black frame) and have that horrible film boarder as in explorer. I use icaros thumbnail provider which can handle any video format but somehow director opus must not be fetching thumbs from the same place as windows, or at least regarding .avi specifically.

-I like to use the two row name option in my thumbnails but that means I sometimes need to hover over to see the full name of the file but that is not available, I must use rename instead just to read the name. BTW I would much rather have a scrolling name when hovering.

-sometimes all thumbnails in a folder are not loaded and manual refresh is needed. also I don't like that context menu being dir opus custom and not the explorer version, mainly because of refresh function being less accessible.

-drag and drop into a directory junction (to other drive) doesn't do move by default as in explorer but copies instead. annoying.

-images toolbar keeps reappearing when I set details view and then back to thumbs, very annoying. is this avoidable?


-your larger thumbnails are already a winner in my book but it could be better. your current maximum with 0 boarders is a good minimum in 4k use. my only reason for considering buying opus.

-why must every program have a white background? there must be a massive movement against this in general. please tell me there is a night mode!? I'm saving my eyes for later.


-multiple thumbnails for every video (change every few seconds)

-no gab between thumbnails (or auto size) with cropping for 100% coverage

-selecting a thumbnail makes the thumbnail animated, playing the video (with slight zoom)

I realize there is plenty of media center software for HTPC use but I really want to retain the usability of directory opus for a true all-in-one environment.

(One question per thread, please.)

[ul][li] Checkbox mode in Opus is used somewhat differently to that in Explorer (ours predates theirs and was never meant to solve the same problem). While ours is there to allow you to display files in the preview pane while still building up a selection, Explorer's is more about making it easier to Ctrl-Click things with only one hand. You can do that in Opus by clicking files with the middle mouse button (assuming it is set to be a standard button), without needing to use checkbox mode at all.

[li]If you configure the Movie plugin you can specify how far into the files it seeks before taking the thumbnails. There may also be problems with some codecs/demuxers, since it is at the mercy of the installed video components. Note that it uses 64-bit DLLs while a lot of video software uses 32-bit ones, which can be another cause of differences if different components are installed for each "bitness".

If you turn off the Movie plugin (or disable its option to generate thumbnails) then Opus will rely on Windows to generate the thumbnails, and you should get the same ones that you see in Explorer. (If the plugin is disabled entirely, movie playback will fall back on the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin, which will most likely use an embedded Windows Media Player viewer for the viewer panel.)

[li]Drag & drop events can be configured, but that's best discussed in a separate thread.

[li]Images toolbar: Turn it off under Preferences / File Display Modes / Toolbars.

[li]Max thumbnail size can be increased under Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: max_thumbnail_size but note that increasing it means more memory and more disk space is used (of course).

[li]Colors can be changed under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts. Most programs default to a white background because Windows tells them to. It's Windows that default to a white background rather than the programs (in general). But Opus lets you override it.

[li]We used to have animated avi thumbnails, many years ago, but it did somewhat horrible things to the disk when displaying a screen full of videos all at once.[/li][/ul]