A minor problem occurred and the program crashed

When i manipulate the file in ftp this happened.
ver 12.5,windows10 x64 1703

Is it reproducible? What are the steps to make it happen, so we can try here?

Please send us the crash dumps if any were created at the same time as the crash and we will see if they point to the cause and hopefully fix it.

I have sent you in 3 days ago. Whether the problem can be solved.

We are looking into it, but don't have anything yet.

If you can suggest steps that we can use to reproduce it, those may help us work out where things are going wrong.

Please try this test/beta version for a potential fix:


If you still see the problem, please send us any crash dumps generated by the test/beta version.

Thank you, with a few days, it seems not happening.

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