A question about moving files

I don't know how to phrase this question.

I would like to move a set of files to another folder that will have files with conflicting names. I want the selected files that have conflicts that are byte for byte identical (not just size and name) to be deleted, but I want the others to be renamed.

The general use case is merging images from one folder to another, but the source or target maybe corrupted. I don't want to overwrite a good file with a corrupted one and I don't want to lose a good file if the target is corrupted. So I would rather rename the conflicting file and figure out the difference later. And I want the selected items to be gone either because they were moved or deleted automatically.

Is this possible and how to do it?

Sources I checked:

You can rename any conflicting files during the copy/move, then use Tools > Duplicate File Finder to find and delete any identical files in the destination afterwards. That has an MD5 option which checks that file content is identical.

Thanks I will check it out