A question about Secure Delete ability

My question is this...why isn't Secure Delete a DOpus standard procedure? Simply deleting files isn't enough to ensure file deletion...so why are there two versions of the same function for? Secure delete should be the operating standard anyway on DOpus.

BTW, how do I know or how can I set the Secure Delete option to overwrite a file a certain number of times? 32 times is alot...but is there a way to set Secure Delete to overwrite a file say...3 times?

It's not the default because it takes orders of magnitude longer to do a secure delete instead of a normal delete, and because it's something that isn't usually needed.

If you really want to make every delete a secure one then you can change the delete button on your toolbar, but I'd say that would be a crazy thing to do since you'll end up waiting ages to delete non-sensitive data.

You can change the number of secure delete passes in Preferences. I think you can also override the Preferences value in individual buttons/hotkeys as well, if you want a Secure Delete and a Really Secure Delete button for some reason.

Please resist any pressure to make "secure delete" the standard option.

While it is occasionally useful, it is too drastic for most deletions. Some folks even use their "Recycle bin" as a filing cabinet!

Dorothyfan, middle click the delete button to secure-delete, left click for normal delete. No need to force someone to use one or the other when you can choose from either.