A repeatable instance where double-clicking opens wrong item

Ok I'm posting thing on behalf of a friend who recently purchased DOpus and reported a bug, only to be told it was a feature, and to get help here. I can replicate the behaviour he reported and I think you'll agree that it is more a bug that a feature.

Follow these steps carefully to reproduce the bug!

  1. Open a Lister and place it in LIST VIEW mode.

  2. Open a folder that has a lot of entries.

  3. Resize the window so it is small enough to show the horizontal scroller bar that appears in List view mode.

  4. Move the scroller bar to the right, to make the first column disappear to the left and more columns are shown from the right.

  5. Now double-click on the VERY first item in the first column displayed in the currently scrolled section of the window. Not the First item in the list but the first one displayed in the first visible column, after you have scrolled to the right from the previous step.

  6. Now instead of the action being performed on that first item in the first DISPLAYED column, it actually occurs on the very first item in the directory list.

I can reproduce this behaviour every time. If you can't get it to fault then you probably haven't followed the steps correctly - or I haven't explained them clearly enough.

Confirmed. I've made a video demonstrating the bug and sent it to GPSoftware so it's easy to see what goes wrong.

Thanks nudel!