A strange behaviour of DOpus with WinRAR

I am testing DOpus and I started to define a key to compress all the selected files in a single RAR file. I used DOpus with two windows lister. I have selected the main files in left lister and my key should compress all of them to a single file in right lister. My code is as the follow:

{apppath|WinRAR.exe}WinRar.exe A -as -s- -rr3% -t -u -o+ -m5 -ep1 -r "{d}{file$|noext}.rar" {F!}

Well....let we test it now. For testing, create a file named "test.docx" first. Second, create a folder named "test" at the same path that you created "test.docx". And at the end, copy "test.docx" in test folder too (in other words, we have two "test.docx". One outside and another inside the "test" folder).

Select the "test.docx" alone (this one that is outside the test folder) and click on my key. The result is very strange! I have selected just one file (i.e. test.docx) but the created RAR file have three inside itself (i.e. test.docx, test folder and the second test.docx that was inseide the test folder). If you delete "test.docx" that is inside the test folder, the problem will be solved!. What is wrong? Is it a bug?


Try this:

"{apppath|WinRAR.exe}WinRar.exe" A -as -s- -rr3% -t -u -o+ -m5 -ep1 -r "{d}{file$|noext}.rar" "{F!}"

If that still doesn't work, this may be more a question of how to use WinRAR than how to use Opus. I'm not familiar with all the WinRAR switches you are using, but try running the same command line (with what you think Opus should be inserting into it) from a command prompt to see if it does the same thing. If it does, then you know the combination of switches is wrong.

If it works that way but still doesn't work in Opus with the quoting changes in my version above, please remove as many of the switches as possible to get a minimal version that causes the problem, so we can focus on just the parts that matter without getting bogged down in other things.

From the docs for the -r switch I'd say this is what's meant to happen.

Thank you so much dear Leo and Jon. Exactly the problem was -r :sweat_smile::see_no_evil: