A Way To Disable Folder Icon In Tabs?

I have read the Help file section Folder Options, and Tab Options, but no joy. Is there a way to disable the small yellow folder icon in the tabs? When I am in the root of any drive, there is no folder icon displayed. When I enter a directory in any drive, a small yellow folder icon then is displayed at the far left of a tab, with the drive letter and name of the directory to the right of the icon.

It's an ascetic thing, I know, but I'd like to disable/remove that yellow icon. Is there a way?


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You should get the drive's icon when in the root of a drive:

There isn't currently an option to hide the icons on folder tabs.

Yes, I get the drive icon when in a drive's root, but I don't find that as 'in your face' as a folder icon. No worries, as I said, just a small personal preference thing. :slight_smile:

Well, you answered my question, there's not a way to disable the folder icon. Thank you!

I find that idea not bad, as an option. However, sometimes we would need them to indicate the "linked" status of tabs, if present.

Yes, I can understand that need. It's just a personal preference thing for me, and not everyone would find that feature useful. So, I'm not going to hold my breath for that feature to be coded into Opus. :slight_smile:

I know it's been a while - but I wanted to add my "ditto" as I would find it VERY useful, and offering it as an option even if just via scripting would not hinder everyone who needs to see them in ANY way.

And I wouldn't write off your request so quickly - I have had requests of mine show up in the very next dot release, much to my surprise as some of my requests I thought were pretty outside the mainstream DO user stuff! But I made the best case I could, and more often than not, the GPS devs - were in here listening, explaining why/why-not, and like I said - were extremely responsive!

Heck maybe it has made it's way into a build since it's been nearly three years since your posts!

PS: I have absolutely no connection to GPS, DO, or the developers - I'm just a customer. So don't take anything I've said as an expectation of any kind!

Nope, after three years, I'm certainly not holding my breath. It was a small matter in the first place, and for me, even less of one now. No worries at all ! :slight_smile: