Ability to do more with very long filenames (batch rename / delete)

Currently I'm getting an influx of filenames which are too long to be handled by the Win32 API.

Which are currently correctly displayed by Directory Opus and which can manually be renamed 1 by 1 before they can be deleted.

I would love the ability to delete or rename these files into something more manageable in a less manual fashion.

Batch rename should already work on very long paths (VLPs). What is the rename you're trying to do exactly?

(Note that we tend to make it so you can rename a VLP to another VLP, or to a shorter path, but we also tend to avoid allowing you to rename a shorter path to a VLP, since it's easy to do that by accident and VLP will cause major problems in a lot of other software.)

Deleting very long paths will also work, but you may need to bypass the Recycle Bin.

I will have another look when I have some more VLP files to experiment with again.