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Ability to SELECTIVELY display Folder & sub-folder sizes in DO-12?

This is a 1st post, so please let me know if there a better support-category to use for this question.

I have found that setting the default behavior of DO to automatically calculate folders sizes can really slow down navigation across drives & directories. Is there a way to selectively display the folder-size information, perhaps my right-clicking on the parent-folder of interest?

Thanks, Lloyd

If you hover over a folder with the mouse to trigger its tooltip, that will also trigger calculation of the size of that folder (assuming the size info is in the tooltip, which it is by default).

You can also select the folder(s) and push Ctrl-K to calculate their sizes. (If none are selected, all folders below the current location are calculated.)

Or you can do it using folder formats, so that particular folders will have their sub-folder sizes calculated, while others won't.

Some more detail here: