Ability to span files into CD-DVD sized

One annoyance with backing up files to fixed media like CD or DVD is the need to arrange the files so they don't exceed the capacity of the device, but also so they don't fall too short of the capacity, otherwise you feel like your wasting space.

Does Dopus by chance have a mechanism for "arranging" files within a given diretory tree, such that the "arrangements" neatly correspond to the size of a standard CD or DVD or user-configurable size target?

You can put bar graphs in your status bar to help manually select files so that they fill a certain size but I don't think Opus has an automatic way to do so.

On a related note (more for anyone who finds this thread by searching than anything else), Opus can split large files into chunks which will fit on certain media sizes. That's not much help when you have lots of small files, though, unless you archive them up which is often inconvenient.


I use magic ISO to create ISO images of the files I want to burn. I like them, because the files become 'housed' within the ISO and I can delete the originals. When the .iso get to a size that I want I cook them them. Here is the button.

@set diskname = {dlgstring|Enter the ISO name to create or append}
"%ProgramFiles%\MagicISO\miso.exe" C:\Users\whoever\Documents\ISOs{$diskname}.iso -a {file}

Maybe this is like what you are trying to do.